Tuesday, December 14, 2010

This blog is driving me CRAAAAAZZZZZZZYYYY!

Hi guys,

Well the 12WBT has FINISHED!!! woohhooooo

Will be glad to get my focus off food & crazy exercise & back to living & maintaing my new body (& mind)

I now weigh in at 59-60kgs, which is crazy considering I was fluctuating between 70-75kgs 13 weeks ago!

I have a problem in that ALL my clothes are too big and look ridiculous, so am selling some of my FAT clothes on Ebay and will slowly replace as time goes on.

With only 1 week to xmas I am hoping I can have some restraint over what gets put in my mouth, I do realise now the consequences of eating bad choices & too much & I really dont want to have to go thru all the pain of losing weight again!

The title of this blog is in relation to me trying to change the title of the blog & to make it look a bit prettier, some peoples blogs are awesome, but I seem to having a brain breakdown & cannot seem to work out how to change it! Oh well will leave it to another day I think.

Til then bloggers take it easy


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Long time between drinks

Well the whole blogging thing never really took off!

What did take off however was the 12WBT, I have managed to stick with it for 8 weeks & have lost 8kgs!

I cant describe in words how pleased I am with my efforts, it has changed my life & my whole way of thinking. My partner has lost 14kgs & is my support when the old habits are poking thru!

After a week of camping with no formal exercise I am looking forward to getting back to the gym & smashing the last 3kgs to get to my goal weight of 60kg.

Till next time

Julz xo

Sunday, September 12, 2010

One Week to Go!!!

Well fellow 12WBT peeps there is only one week to go, I am personally really looking forward to starting the challenge, I think the pre-season tasks have really got my head into a great space ready to make some life long changes and to really believe I can achieve my goals.

I have all the tools to get me there, now its up to me to just get on and DO IT!

I got some new runners yesterday which are a size and half bigger than my previous ones! This might explain why my toes would go numb when running in my old runners!

My BF has also got on the healthy lifestyle wagon which makes it so much easier when temptation is not all around me all the time!

Anywho best I sign off for now and do something active on my Sunday!